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How do you plan your accommodation when traveling to Denver, Colorado for a work assignment? 40 Tips (Part 1 of 2).

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Kenyan Furnished Rentals

Since the pandemic, companies and employees are realizing that work can be done from anywhere and more companies are adapting a hybrid schedule that allows for different versions of the work-from-home schedule.

Furnished rentals have quickly become a favorite among travelers.  There are many options, on the market that offer guests exciting short-term housing.  Fully furnished rentals are a great way for you to transition from one place in your life to another without being tied down.  They are a viable housing solutions for the traveling professional, the intern, the student, the local selling or remodeling their home, and the person that’s new to town and looking for the comfort and convenience of a temporary home away from home while figuring out where to settle.

Kenyan Furnished Rentals LLC (abbreviated KFR and pronounced, KAY-FAR) provides affordable, fully furnished short-term lodging, appealing to those needing temporary housing. Our suites offer routine housekeeping, free parking and an opportunity to live differently in a new, unique environment during your stay in Denver.

Finding accommodation that is the right fit, is important as it is money that you are spending.  Shown below is part 1 of our 40 Tips to help you plan for your housing when traveling to Denver, Colorado.

    • Location! Location! Location!  Finding furnished rentals near work, school, restaurants, grocery stores, gyms, local attractions and whatever else is important to you, helps reduce transit time, saves on gas, mileage, wear and tear of the vehicle.
    • Safe Neighborhood. More short-term rentals are implementing exterior security cameras not only to keep guests safe, but also to protect the rental property.  Well-lit entry and exit points are important in promoting safety.
    • Safety within the home space. Check that your space has smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, water alarms, fire extinguishers, at least one flash light and clear instructions on what to do in the event of an emergency.  We include in our house manual emergency contacts to the property manager, local utility companies, fire department, police, phone, address and route to the nearest hospital.
    • Quiet spaces with quiet hours communicated to guests. You want to search for a furnished rental that enforces city and county noise ordinance.  It is not always possible to find such areas within a city setting, but many places will now provide guests with white noise machines which help offer guests a quiet space to enjoy some good sleep.
    • Homey feel that promotes that home away from home vibe.
    • Great views. Who does not like ocean views, lake, mountain or city views?  Denver Colorado has one of the most beautiful city skylines.  At Kenyan Furnished Rentals LLC, we are fortunate that our suites are close enough to downtown Denver, so guests can enjoy both the view of the city and the distant mountains.
  2. Where to look for fully furnished rentals: Airbnb, VRBO, Furnished Finder, Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO), Google, social media, recruiters for the working professionals/interns and any of the major search engines not limited to Apartments.com, RentCafe, Rentable, Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, AVAIL, TurboTenant, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and more. No site is immune to rental scams.  Many have implemented measures to help detect scams and as a guest, do your due diligence to know what rental scams to be on the lookout for when booking housing.
  3. Cost/Price: Utilities are often included in the price paid for a furnished rental.  For Denver, the average rent according to rentcafe on 3/21/23 is $1,997, for an apartment that is approximately 841 sq. ft  (rentcafe average rent market trends – Information last updated October 2022).  Shown below is a price comparison of average monthly rents to expect for furnished versus unfurnished apartments in Denver according to rentable.co on 3/21/2023.  Inflation has affected all markets and guests may be able to get cheaper housing.  Be careful not to go too cheap as you get what you pay for.  When booking a furnished rental, expect to pay a refundable damage deposit, which is usually equivalent to one-month’s rent.  Some may offer a lower rate and process it as a Hold on your credit card vs. a set amount collected upfront.
    Bed Type Average Rent Range Bed Type Average Rent Range
    Studio $1,890 $1,440 – $3,150 Studio $1,440 $880 – $2,140
    1BR $2,740 $2,090 – $4,460 1BR $1,610 $1,080 – $2,850
    2BR $3,660 $3,020 – $6,930 2BR $2,120 $1,350 – $5,120

    Source:  Rentable.co


    a.  Please note that prices do change based on time of the year.  Spring, summer and early fall, being the peak seasons, will tend to be a little more expensive.  Please check with your host/landlord.
    b.  Sale of accommodation for over 30 days.  In Colorado we reference a Lodger’s tax (Denver) or Accommodation’s tax (Lakewood) for the sale of lodging and accommodation for periods less than or equal to 30 days.  Speak to your host/landlord about having the lodger’s/accommodation’s tax waived if you plan to stay longer than 30 days.  Typically, they will have to show documented proof to the department of revenue, but ultimately it may help slightly discount your cost (a 3% tax in Lakewood, CO and a 10.75% tax in Denver, CO at the time of this post), so it does not hurt to ask.  Please note, that this would only apply to tax associated with accommodation.  You will still be required to pay other applicable taxes and potentially a payment processing fee if the host/landlord is going through a card processing company.  That fee is about 2.9% to 3.5% depending on the vendor, and goes directly to the payment processing company and not the host/landlord.
    c.  Negotiate a discount if one has not already been applied.  Please keep in mind that “discounted” does not always equate to better.  Look at the amenities being offered when evaluating value for the price paid.

  4. Ratings/Reviews: These speak volumes, however, do not be deterred by a furnished rental with no reviews.  Everyone has to start somewhere, and it may be a new listing.  The biggest plus about new listings or those without reviews is that the price will often be a little lower than those with reviews as hosts work to build reviews.  This is a win for you as you end up getting a great deal by being among their first guests.  Reach out to the host/landlord and do your due diligence in trying to determine if the place is the right fit for you.  You just may surprise yourself by daring to take the plunge.
  5. Fully furnished with the most basic amenities such as, furniture, appliances, fresh linen, hair dryer, iron, ironing board, plates and cutlery provided for your comfort and convenience.  When traveling, we tend to “downsize” because it is cheaper to travel light, packing only the basics.  You want a rental that provides you with most of what you need that you cannot easily bring along when traveling.  Starter supplies are always appreciated.  Guests also like clean extra blankets, top sheet, extra pillows (mattress padding a plus), ample seating, free fast Wi-Fi and TV.  Keep in mind, you get what you pay for.  Depending on your price point, you may not always be able to get that wall-mounted 75” flat screen Sony TV, so do your due diligence when looking for amenities that will offer you the most comfort and convenience.
  6. Some not so typical but good-to-have amenities may be; free designated on-site parking, attached garages, in-suite washer and dryer with starter supplies (we have found Seventh Generation Free and Clear and all Free Clear laundry detergents to be great brands for those that may have sensitivity or allergies to other brands), garbage disposal, icemaker, sunrooms, verandas, gyms, pools, sauna etc. Check the rental listing before you book and confirm with host/landlord any must-haves that are not immediately clear.
  7. Having a full kitchen is important to many guests visiting an area and looking for the conveniences that mimic those they have in their homes. Find rentals with fully stocked Kitchens and full size appliances.  This gives you a space to make some home cooked meals.  How nice is it to be able to make home-made banana bread to have with that morning coffee? Yum!  Having a full kitchen to make meals helps you save, money that can then be put towards exploring local attractions.  Some kitchen essentials to look for that add convenience are sharp knives and cutting boards, oven, stove mitts and trivet mats, paper towels, wine glasses and tumblers, salt and pepper, oils and spices.  Water purifiers are a great amenity when provided for the kitchen faucet.  Other good items to ask about are pots, pans, dishes, hot water kettles, rice cooker, coffee maker with a variety of regular and decaf coffees and teas.  At Kay-Far, we also provide our guests a taste of Kenyan tea and coffee, both of which are among the most celebrated around the world due to their complex flavors.
  8. Air conditioning, be it portable or central, helps to make for a comfortable stay. We have found that some guests really love window units and overhead ceiling fans which like white noise machines, mask environmental or outside noises and help guests concentrate while working, studying, or sleeping.
  9. Different and unique experiences: “in order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”, said iconic fashion designer Coco Chanel.  At Kenyan Furnished Rentals LLC, our goal is to give you what you are used to and deserve in furnished housing (clean, comfort and convenience) while also giving you the opportunity to experience something new, A TASTE OF KENYA IN THE DENVER METRO AREA.  We enjoy creating new experiences for our guests.  We know that this adds to a guest’s stay and helps them form new memories while in Colorado.  Vacation rentals have the advantage of coming in all shapes and sizes.  Spice up your vacation and try something new and different in your choice of furnished rental.
  10. Full Service. A place that offers you full service allows you to be more productive and have a lot more free-time with a greater return on investment on your time.   At Kenyan Furnished Rentals LLC, our cleaning routine includes vacuuming, making beds, changing sheets and towels and sanitizing high touch surfaces.  We provide fresh linen once a week and offer cleaning equipment that guests can use to keep the suites clean between scheduled professional cleanings.  Look for a rental that is clean and offers routine cleaning, once a week and in between guests is generally what most provide.  Depending on the establishment or home, you might also be able to negotiate less cleaning if you prefer to save some money and do the cleaning yourself.
  11. Pet-free suites for guests with pet allergies and pet-friendly suites for guests traveling with pets.  Ask about the pet fees, pet policies, breed restrictions and find out if any pet supplies are provided such as dog poop bags, beds, crates, litter boxes, bowls and leashes.  It is a plus if the home has outdoor areas for your pets to play.  Rentals nearby parks are a plus for both guest and pet.
  12. Outdoor sitting areas:  verandas, BBQ areas, porches, pools, dedicated pet areas are great to have.  Small multi-family communities are great if looking for some community without getting overwhelmed.  Even better, is being near parks and other local attractions.
  13.  Flexible lease terms with no long-term commitments.   Contracts do get canceled.  This is especially true for the traveling nurse.  We suggest seeking a month-to-month leasing option.  Please keep in mind that month-to-month lease terms are often more expensive than fixed lease terms.  You may be able to negotiate a preferred check-in date and locked-in-rate with the host/landlord should you choose to extend beyond the month.  NOTE: We recommend that guests consider purchasing Travel insurance as refunds are not always possible.
  14. Flexibility on rental screening requirements. In most cases, if you are a local and booking a long-term stay (30-day plus) directly with a host/landlord, you can expect to undergo a background and credit check.  This helps the landlord in knowing that they are renting to someone that will be able to make all rent payments without need for an eviction.  While rental screening may be omitted for out-of-town guests, expect to sign a lease agreement, provide a copy of your government issued ID and proof of contract or income source.
  15. Credit card payments are the most common form of acceptable payment when booking furnished rentals on Airbnb/VRBO or direct booking website.  Some hosts/landlords still require payment in the form of money orders, cashier’s check, and some may even be able to accept Venmo/Paypal.  You do want to check with the host/landlord on what their preferred mode of payment is and go with a method that allows for proper tracking and dispute if needed.
  16. Pay as you go: Depending on your host/landlord you can set up, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments.
  17. Pleasant and helpful host/landlord and staff.
  18. THE SPACE – What to look for?
    • We have found that most guests prefer the privacy and comfort that entire spaces provide.  Bright, large space are a plus.
    • Modern upgrades.
    • Plenty of storage room and closets to allow you to unpack rather than live out of your suitcase.
    • Easy yet safe access.
    • Rental with kitchen, living room, dining room and outdoor spaces in addition to the bedrooms and bathrooms.
  19. Maintenance Requests: You do want to begin your stay with a walkthrough of the rental and a detailed documentation of any issues so that you are not charged for damages outside normal wear and tear upon checking out.  Take photos and provide those with your check-in unit condition form.  You also want to clarify the maintenance request process to include not just when things breakdown, but when you need pest control outside the routine pest control schedule.  Bugs are part of nature.  That being said, an infestation of bugs may symbolize a problem.  You want to reach out and report any issues to the host/landlord during your stay, and give them a chance to rectify any issues to help minimize inconveniences to your stay.
  20. Bedbugs: Check for bedbugs when you first check-in.  Finding bedbugs does not automatically indicate that a space is dirty.  According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), bedbugs are not attracted to dirt and grime; they are attracted to warmth, blood and carbon dioxide.  Bedbugs travel really well.  Start by placing your luggage in the tub or walk-in stall shower and leave it there for about 30 minutes while you check the suite before you unpack and get settled.  This also allows any bedbugs that may be traveling in your luggage to drop off into the tub/shower stall.  Go into the room and turn off any lights, close blinds, shades and make sure the room is dark.  You will be using the flashlight on your phone or one if provided.  Lift the bed covers including mattress protector and check especially around the corners and creases, where they like to hang out. Also pay attention to the mattress padding.  Even if you do not see any bugs make sure to check for spots, specifically blood spots/blood stains.

This marks the end of part 1 of our 40 Tips.  Stay tuned for the remaining tips.  Please reach out too if interested in booking a stay with us.  We currently offer 4 listings, each providing something slightly different while also being similar in design and management.  From pet-friendly 2bed/1 bath suites that can hold 4 guests, at a 3-night minimum stay ideal for those on vacation, to suites that offer the comfort and convenience needed for long-term stays (2ppl, holds up to 4 at a small additional cost), we have a little of everything for you to pick from. Our leases are primarily month-to-month for longer stays, allowing for more flexibility. We can also offer fixed-term lease options to those seeking to lock in a rate for a known longer length-of-stay.

Article by Kenyan Furnished Rentals LLC

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Why we are THE BEST choice for your temporary housing needs.

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